the gateway to the world

Blankenese is not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the few hilly districts that enrich Hamburg as a holiday destination and holiday paradise.
You can ride a bicycle on a hundred kilometers long cycle paths along the river Elbe.
At the gates of the big city, you can feel the fresh sea air and enjoy wonderful scenery, while jogging or exercising on the sandy beach in the morning.
The Blankenese area is well known for numerous parks such as, among others, The Hesse Park, which qualifies Blankenese as a resort. It can be clearly seen from the top of the nearby Süllberg hill. From here and many other viewpoints in Blankenese you have a magnificent view of the river Elbe and its shores, such as the Falkensteiner shore. Elbe beach and its lighthouse are probably one of the most beautiful shores, where you can walk along or just stay for a while to watch the passing ships.
In warm summer months, Blankenese stair quarter will remind you of the places on the Amalfi coast. In the winter fog one would expect to be in a place on the wild Atlantic coast.
The traditional captains’ houses tell a story on their own. Many of the fisherman’s houses can only be reached on foot via narrow, steep stairs, alleys or corridors. A walk through this unique world is a wonderful experience to take home with you.
Our house is located in the middle of this idyll, but is still easily accessible by car. Your car is safe on the hotel’s private parking lot, while you can explore the stair quarter by foot or by taking the little “mountain goat” (that is how local buses are referred to), to drive through the village to the train station (S-Bahn).

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